• Artist: Myles Smith
  • Title: Stargazing
  • Release Type: Single
  • Release: 10/05/24
  • Rating: ★★★★☆

Hearing “Stargazing” by Myles Smith is similar to plunging into a pool of nostalgia and yearning, wrapped in the tender embrace of soulful themes. The new delivery from the highly acclaimed pop singer-songwriter opens with an ethereal hum. It is an overture that sends me to a serene night under the stars, where time seems to stand still. The vocals from Myles are emotional and speak of love and recognition and his words have a widespread relevance.

The lyrics resonate with me on a profound level and they likely will for you too! “Time stood still just like a photograph / You made me feel like this would last forever” – these lines capture the essence of those moments when love feels endless as if it has always been a part of our lives, waiting to be realised. The pre-chorus, with the line, “They say you know it when you know it, and I know,” encapsulates the certainty and clarity that comes with true connection. It reminds me of the times when I’ve felt an unexplainable bond with another. It is almost as if our souls were intertwined long before we met.

Natural and Raw

The chorus is where the song glides. “Take my heart, don’t break it / Love me to my bones” – Smith’s plea is natural and raw, an example of the vulnerability that comes with giving your heart to someone. Myle’s repeat use of “You were right there all along” strikes. The words he chooses promotes the idea that sometimes the love we seek has been there the whole time. This sentiment echoes Myles Smith’s own take on the track, as he shares his belief that the ones we fall in love with have been there in our lives in some form. Often these people have been there long before we recognize their importance.

In the second verse, Smith delves into the transformative power of love. “I lose my mind / When I’m around you, how I come alive / When I’m without you, I can’t help but feel so lost”. These lines speak to the way love can bring out the best in us, making us feel alive and whole. The juxtaposition of feeling lost without the other person adds profundity. It also illustrates the duality of love as both a source of tremendous joy and deep longing.

The production, guided by Peter Fenn, complements Smith’s vocals beautifully, creating a luxuriant, dreamy sound. The instrumentation sweetens the emotional weight of the lyrics without overshadowing them. The bridge, with its haunting “Ooh-ooh” refrains, provides a moment of contemplation, allowing us to grasp the song’s message.

So, wait no longer! You can take a listen to “Stargazing” by Myles Smith here.

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Becky Anderson