• Artist: The Chainsmokers
  • Title: No Shade at Pitti
  • Release Type: Single
  • Release: 10/05/24
  • IZILION Rating: ★★★★☆

I recently had the pleasure of listening to “No Shade At Pitti” by The Chainsmokers. A band who I have enjoyed since their initial rise to fame. I was impressed straight away, mainly because of how well the song blends nostalgic reflection with newfound freedom. Right from the get-go, where Andrew Taggart sings about the fresh feeling of spring in the city, I could not help but feel a sense of renewal. Also, the vision of “people spilling out” and “open the streets” creates a vibrant, almost cinematic scene that resonates.

The lyrics and production beautifully articulate the song’s theme of moving on from a past relationship. The line “It’s time to leave, you went cold as winter” hit me hard, encapsulating the chill of letting go. Yet, as the pre-chorus transitions to the chorus, there’s a palpable shift in mood. The chorus, with its declaration of replacing scenes and feeling different, struck a chord with me. It’s about personal growth and the realization that things are better now. This is not because the external world has changed, but because the inner self has healed and evolved.


Emily Warren’s additional vocals in the drop add an ethereal layer to the song. Moreover, they reinforce the feeling of disbelief at the newfound peace. Her voice complements Taggart’s perfectly, creating a harmonious balance that elevates the track.

Verse two brings a more personal touch, as Taggart describes reconnecting with friends and testing speakers like never before. This part of the song made me think about the small joys and rediscoveries that come after letting go of a heavy past. The mention of “shelving the memories” is a poignant reminder that while the past shapes us, it doesn’t have to define our present.

The production by Rob Late and Ryan Raines, along with The Chainsmokers themselves, is impeccable. The track conveys genuine emotion while remaining polished yet raw. The engineering and mastering by Jordan Stilwell and Emerson Mancini ensure that every beat and vocal nuance is perfectly captured, making the listening experience rich and immersive.

In essence, “No Shade At Pitti” is a triumphant anthem of moving on. It’s about finding light and color in life again after a period of darkness. The Chainsmokers have truly outdone themselves with this track, blending introspective lyrics with an uplifting sound that left me feeling both reflective and optimistic. It’s a song that I’ll be playing on repeat. Especially when I need a reminder that everything does indeed look better now.

So, wait no longer! You can take a listen to “No Shade at Pitti” by The Chainsmokers here.

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Becky Anderson