Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster have been married for over 13 years now, but it appears that Rod still surprises his Mrs every day!

For her 50th birthday, Rod delved into his wallet and bought his wife a narrowboat (you may be thinking, eh?). But it is the ultimate gift for Penny, given that she has been spending her lockdown days watching boats floating by her country residence.

Speaking about the boat, Penny spoke to the Loose Women, “In the first (COVID) lockdown, I enjoyed slowing down and having a more simple life. Second lockdown was a little tougher and I thought I need to think of a hobby. There’s a lovely river near us and there’s narrowboat. I thought, ‘My dream would be to get an old narrowboat to do it up’. And that’s what Rod got me.”

Ah, how the other half live!

Colby Morrel
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