Tamara Stewart stopped by for a chat!

Colby: Hello, Tamara. Hope you are well; how is life going in Nashville? 

Tamara: It’s been such an incredible start to the year and I just love Tennessee in the Winter. Nashville has been home for around 8 years, with a relocation to Idaho during the pandemic, but this town is coming back to life after the adjustment the world has made in the last couple years. I’m excited for the year ahead!

Colby: You are becoming quite a big name in the UK; what do you think it is about your music which is so appealing in the UK right now? 

Tamara: I’ve always loved UK audiences. They are such serious music lovers and know what they like. I think the connection I’ve found to withstand time is that I genuinely love the country. I feel so connected to London and England as a whole. My music is very honest and I think the audiences there feel that, they can tell that I am passionate about what I’m singing about and what I’m writing about. We always have a good belly laugh at shows and even a few years. I intend on spending a lot more time there this year and with my new album.

Colby: Where did the inspiration come from your new single, ‘Haunted House’? 

Tamara: I love playing this one live! Haunted House was the last single from my album The Truth, The Music and Me that came out just before Pandemic hit. The song came from the reality of the life that’s left behind when couples who live together and build a life together, break up and one moves out. We leave so much of ourselves in the places we have lived before. That song is one of my favorites I’ve ever written, I always love when people come up to me after shows and tell me how I have ‘sung their story”. That is the biggest buzz for me. Knowing that we all are a little less alone. That song is definitely one of those. Much like the newest single “Mean Girl”. I’ve never had a response quite like I am getting on that one. I’m grateful for the support on it !

Colby: You are heading out on tour in March. Are you excited?

Tamara: I am busting to get back to the UK. I’m doing some shows with Elles Bailey and her and I are not only dear friends, but I’ve written some songs for Elles, so I always love hearing her and her band play them live too. I’ll be supporting her on some shows and also doing some of my own career commitments. 

Colby: What else do you have planned for 2023?

Tamara: It’s a busy year for me this year and I am thrilled. This new single Mean Girl has just been released (Feb 3) then the new album. I’m launching a brand new podcast in February called “Heal My Story’ which is going to be a lot of fun and I’ll continue to record those while n the road, and I plan to do some shows in the UK as well as Ireland and back home to Australia. In between those commitments, I have a little art studio in Nashville and paint. On occassion I sell some paintings and I find it deeply cathartic.


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