• Artist: The Offspring
  • Title: Make It All Right
  • Release Type: Single
  • Release: 07/06/24
  • Rating: ★★★★☆

I’ve been a fan of The Offspring since my childhood, when their raucous, rebellious sound first provided the perfect soundtrack to my teenage angst. So, when I heard “Make It All Right” from their latest album, “Supercharged”, I was immediately back to those formative years. But with a fresh twist!

From the opening “Ba-ba-da, ba-ba-da” chants, “Make It All Right” hooked me with its infectious energy. Dexter Holland’s vocals carry that familiar blend of earnestness and defiance, but there’s a warmth in this track that feels different from their earlier, more confrontational hits. The song has this comforting yet exhilarating vibe, like a road trip with an old friend where you’re rediscovering the freedom of the open road.

The lyrics spoke directly to me. It’s as if Holland was singing to the echoes of my past anxieties and reminding me of the resilience I’d found through their music. Lines like “No matter what, it’s fine, we’re like one step over the line” hit home. Moreover, they reflect, the balancing act between embracing chaos and finding solace. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, life’s a mess, but we’ve got this.” This feels incredibly personal, almost like an anthem for pushing through those small moments of doubt with a smile.

Musically, the track brings a buoyant, almost nostalgic feel with its upbeat tempo and classic Offspring guitar riffs. Noodles’ lead guitar work has that signature punch. Also, the rhythm section, anchored by Josh Freese on drums, keeps things driving forward relentlessly. The addition of Rebecca Shoichet’s background vocals adds a subtle layer of harmony that enriches the chorus. It makes it feel even more anthemic.

Punk Rock Bravado

The chorus, “Say it, Zoe, away we go, turn around, you’re gonna make it so it’s all right,” instantly became a mantra for me. It’s incredibly catchy and feels like a reassuring hug wrapped in punk rock bravado. The song seems to celebrate those moments of reckless abandon that paradoxically bring clarity and peace. It is a theme that’s been central to so much of The Offspring’s best work.

Bob Rock’s production on this track (and the whole album) shines through with its polished yet raw feel. It captures the essence of The Offspring’s signature sound while pushing it into a space that feels new and exciting. It’s evident that every element, from the mastering by Emily Lazar to the keyboard nuances from Adam Greenholtz, contributes to a well-rounded, powerful listening experience.

In “Make It All Right,” The Offspring have managed to bottle up the essence of what made them iconic. Also, while embracing the evolution of their sound and our shared journey through life’s chaotic beauty. For fans like me who have grown up with their music, this track feels like a much-needed reminder that, despite everything, we can always make it all right.

So, wait no longer! You can take a listen to “Make It All Right” by The Offspring here.

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Becky Anderson