Thomas Cole, NY’s musical maverick, is about to unleash his debut album, ‘Late To Bloom’ on September 29th! With hit singles such as ‘Up in Smoke’ and ‘Executing the Vision,’ Thomas is set to hit the ground running! Pre-orders for vinyl are available now.

‘Late To Bloom’ is an 11-track juggernaut that demonstrates Thomas’s unwavering devotion to music. Picture this: heartfelt tales seamlessly fused with rhythms that’ll make you dance till your feet plead for mercy. Prepare yourself for a tidal wave of sounds and melodies that will transport you on a musical rollercoaster unlike any other as you progress through the album.

But here’s the kicker: Electropoint, the producing wizard, sprinkled his enchanted glitter all over ‘Late To Bloom.’ The outcome? A musical extravaganza that defies convention, fusing innovation with Thomas’s captivating vocals to create an epic eargasmic experience.

Pre-order here.

Becky Anderson