Another U stopped by for a chat!

Colby: Can you tell us more about how “Feel Like Me” came to be? What inspired the song, and how did you decide it should be your debut single as Another U?

Niels: the song is just inspired by real life, everything i talk about is real life so i say that to say a lot of people like to ask me how i feel and that’s really the only answer i can give them i feel like me that’s it! 

Karl Virgil: When I heard what Niels done on ‘feel like me’ I felt like the song had a deeper meaning in a sense that everyone should be proud and confident about themselves and my verse is just an elaboration of that. Just being confident to be yourself in all aspects regardless of what people may perceive of you. The catchiness of the hook is why I felt like it should be our debut

Colby: It’s intriguing that the song “Feel Like Me” was born as a freestyle in the shower. Can you share the creative process that led from that moment to the final track we hear today?

Niels: I be in the studio everyday making music is just who i am i can’t turn it off so it’s always running through my head i’m always listening to beats or freestyling it just comes natural to me. i had the first bar ‘you out here livin life on autopilot that can’t be me’ in my head as soon as i heard the beat the rest clicked for me and my part was done and recorded within in an hour. 

Karl Virgil: I personally was inspired by the energy of the song and created my verse on the back of that to tie into what bro was trying to deliver.

Colby: What can listeners expect from your niche sound, as you’ve described it? How do you think “Feel Like Me” represents your unique style within the music industry?

Niels: i don’t even know how to describe it, it’s definitely new and fresh to me i haven’t heard anything like it but that’s what makes it unique, there’s a lot more in store we just gettin started i actually got a solo song dropping the end of the month called ‘bringdatback’ which just encapsulates the sound more so look out for that.

Karl Virgil: ‘Feel Like Me ‘ represents a sound that has constantly been  growing and evolving. What you can expect from Another U is more of something different but a sound that really encapsulates our influences with a blend of our reality.

Colby: The video for “Feel Like Me” blends reality with AI, which is quite unique. Could you share more about the concept and the message you wanted to convey through the video?

Niels: Personally i know for the video i wanted a lot of quick cuts in the video to match the energy of the song and keep the viewer intrigued, but the rest of it all is all thanks to the genius of Relly & Jordan who put the video together, nothing but love for them.

Karl Virgil: The concept of the video was just to make something captivating and blend our music and fashion styles to show what we can bring to the industry it was a real team effort from us, Relly and Jordan so massive praise to them for making our vision to reality.

 Colby: You’ve mentioned that you’ve been making music separately for a while before becoming a duo. What prompted the decision to join forces as Another U, and how does your individual experiences contribute to the group’s dynamic?

Niels: Me and bro have such different flows and voices i think, so to me it sounds sick on a song when you hear that happen because bro can rap on it and then i come on and it sounds like a completely different song or vice versa but like i said before i’m always making music all the time personally so it’s nothing to come together to make hits with bro.

Karl Virgil: I feel like us becoming Another U was more destiny than anything I was making music from when bro was probably 14 and from that to this now is just evolution. Our individual experiences contribute in sense of where we both are in life at this time so what you’ll hear is different points of view on a same subject or concept.

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