Hannah Grace Colin, a dancer, singer, actress, and model, stopped by for a chat to talk about her year and her new single, ‘Goodbye’.

Colby: Hello, Hannah; it is great to speak to you. Firstly, let’s talk about your new single, ‘Goodbye’, for our readers who have yet to click play, what can they expect? 

Hannah: ‘Goodbye’ is a catchy emotional hard hitting song about the struggles of a breakup or the end of a relationship where you may still be in love or care about the other person but you will both be better off if you part ways.

Colby: The song was co-written by Myles Erlick, known for his work on Westside Story and Billy Elliot; that is incredible. How did that come about? 

Hannah: Myles is a world famous dancer and singer and the “dance world” is a small community and Myles and I have a mutual friend (Nick Maiorano) who introduced us.  Nick is a film/tv/video producer who was working on a project for me and made the introduction and the rest is history.  Myles and I have been working together for a couple of years now.

Colby: You have amassed a large following already in your career. Did you expect your music to be such a hit so quickly? 

Hannah: No  . . . I think when you try something “new” or something the public doesn’t “know you for” it is always a little scary.  You definitely feel very vulnerable, but singing and dancing share so many characteristics and it’s great to have another avenue to release and express my emotions to fans.

Colby: What is your go-to place for inspiration while writing music?

Hannah: For me, it usually starts with an experience that pulls some type of emotion from me and from there Myles and I will tell a story that communicates that emotion.

Colby: Lastly, What has been your best memory of 2022 so far? 

Hannah: There are so many it would be hard to name a “best” but here are a few of my favorites:  Winning 2 World Championships with my dance Team in Orlando back in April was a great way to start!  Then I shot a couple of music videos (Burn it Down with Cassandra Kubinski and Graduation with Mackenzie Sol).  I got to travel and help teach a dance convention in Dubai and see that city and ride a camel.  Lastly, I got to sing a couple songs live at a concert in front of several thousand people in October!  I also have several projects that are in the works that I can’t wait to share with all of the fans!

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