Country artist, Sarah Louise stopped by for a chat!

Colby: Hello, Sarah. It is great to speak with you. Firstly, let’s talk about your new EP, ‘The Now’. Can you tell our readers what to expect before they hit play? 

Sarah: Hi Colby, thanks for chatting with me, ‘The Now’ is a collection of my best work from 2022, previously I would focus on lyrics that may help others, but this time I have been more honest in my lyrics and used songwriting as a kind of therapy for myself and was encouraged by others to release some of the songs.  

Colby: You recently went on a trip to Nashville; how was it? 

Sarah: I have wanted to go to Nashville for song long and so happy I finally got to go. I only managed to book in 2 gigs before I went, but whilst over there I sang almost every night in a different venue and got the opportunity to record, write and perform with so many talented musicians.  One of my favourite moments was performing my own song with a 10 piece band, it was incredible and has left me wanting more. 

Colby: Have you always had a passion for Country music?  

Sarah: Yes I have always loved country music but never performed it regularly as no one seemed to like it in the UK and the audience were not as responsive as what I would have liked which is why I used to sing covers and work as a tribute act. I then had a love for Shania Twain, The Chicks and Jo Dee Messina and I didn’t look back. 

Colby: Where do you find inspiration?

Sarah: I am very a deep person and feel every emotion, for instance I could be in a public place and see a little boy being picked up by his Dad and it will trigger a memory which will make me write a song about it. I basically find inspiration everywhere.

Colby: Lastly, what are you looking forward to most in 2023? 

Sarah: I am looking forward to another trip to Nashville to record more songs, some cowrites with other amazing artists, to perform at more festivals and country music venues and my main aim is to plan a tour in the UK.

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